Ricky Butterworth Roofing

Slate Roofs

Roof slates come in all shapes and sizes from natural slate, stone slates and artificial. The two main types used are natural slate, which gives a traditional look to your roof, and artificial (fibre cement) slates which provide a more modern look. Both are a light-weight roof covering in comparison to tiles and stone slates.

When re roofing a slate roof the reason why a re-roof is needed is mostly down to nail rot, meaning the nails fixing the slates are no longer providing adequate strength. If nail rot occurs you will find that you notice slipped and missing slates year after year, so sometimes it just makes sense to re-roof your property instead of paying for regular repairs and to prevent leaks into your property when roof damage isn't noticed in time.

Very often we can reuse the original slates from your roof to keep job costs down but in cases where the original slates are not reusable, or where a large percentage of the slates are not usable, most customers opt for the fibre cement slates due to the costs in comparison to a natural slate re roof. At Ricky Butterworth Roofing we will explain all the options available as well as the associated costs.